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Here at Auto Detail Supplies Outlet we have all the supplies you will need to do your next car detail in Downey. You should start with gently cleaning, then polishing and waxing both the exterior and interior of the car to create the long lasting glossy finish. Detailing your car can be a great way to show just how beautiful the car looks if you want to sell you car at one point in the future or even if you just want that new showroom look once again.

The windows, tires, and wheels are among the areas that should be cleaned when detailing the exterior. All parts of the car should be wiped clean, shined and then polished to keep any dust and dirt away. You can purchase detailing supplies such as microfiber cloths, soaps, and detergents to get the job done.

If swirls or scratches are a problem, you can use clay to remove dirt and tar from the clear coat. Regular washing gently removes some dirt, but the clay is tough and safe enough to wipe away any left behind. You can also you wax to protect your paint. Although it is a bit expensive compared to the other detailing supplies, it is well worth it since it leaves long lasting protection.

When it comes to the interior, the seats, dash, and panels are all things you should aim to clean. Start with the vacuum, to pick up all the excess dirt. If you happen to have a mini-van, don’t forget to clean the engine compartment. You can do this by using degreasers and detergents. When trying to clean your interior keep in mind that some degreaser will damage the dashboard and plastic trim. We recommend using something like New Kleen.

Even if this is your first time detailing your car or your sort of an expert at it, by following these steps you are assured to leave you car with that showroom finish look.

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